Sunday, August 23, 2009


Armadillo Update
Okay, so we dropped moth balls in the hole and HOSS went next door, dug a bigger hole, made a bigger mess and came out for a meet-n-greet tonight. Check him out, he's a big 'un!!

SOoooo, I went inside to get my camera. Snapped this pic, ran in to load it on the computer and when it loaded...BAM! THERE WERE TWO GLOWING EYES! Click the pic to enlarge.... scared me for a minute. Then I realized it was only a frog looking back at me - I don't like frogs either!!

Should've gone to see when I heard something on the front porch. The next morning, I found this Armadillo hole in the flower bed. DagNabit!

THE SUNFLOWER PROJECT ENDED TODAY when I whacked them all down with the shovel. : ( These were the only blooms that were left. I SO enjoyed our sunflowers!

Mama's cookin' supper for us - YUM! We are taking her these sunflowers. She cooks THE BEST hamburger steak with brown gravy in an iron skillet!! We are also having peas, cornbread, hash browns, watermelon and sweet tea!

Monday, July 20, 2009